Trusted Publicity and Media Relations for Music, Arts, Culture and Entertainment in Toronto and across Canada
  • ”Thank you so much for everything!!! It's been such a pleasure to work with you!! You've done an amazing job!! :)” - Cecilia Monte, vocalist-songwriter.


  • ”Laurie is a meticulous, thoughtful and insightful person who gets involved with what she does. She is impeccable when it comes to researching and understanding what is needed to do to get the best results. Her writing is clear and colourful and always puts her clients in the best light. As publicist, in addition to significantly raising the profile of the Junction Arts Festival for three years in a row (2007, 2008, 2009), she was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her and can't wait for the next time we work together again.” - Michael Menegon, Junction Arts Festival exectutive director and artistic director (2007 to 2009) and founder/director fFIDA International Dance Festival in Toronto (1990 to 2006).


  • ”You did an amazing job... ACTUALLY YOU ARE THE BEST :-)))))!!!!!! Yes we will keep in touch for sure and do some more work!!!” - Bisa Bennett, owner/visual artist/fashion designer, Notion Style fashion boutique, Toronto.


  • Canary Mine really loves working with GET THE MESSAGE Publicity!” - Toronto-based band.



Trusted Publicity and Media Relations for Music, Arts, Culture and Entertainment in Toronto and across Canada




  • ”I’ve been doing publicity work for more than 40 years, and I’m proud of the people I have acted as a mentor for. None of them, however, have been as remarkable as Laurie.

    She's efficient. She's detail-oriented. 

    She works hard. She’s established good relationships with the media, and they like and trust her.
    She writes good press release material.
    She has a bright, memorable personality, and is self-confident. She has a good phone personality.
    She picks up new work very quickly.
    She’s arranged literally hundreds of artist interviews. She works well with artists.
    She has organized media accreditation for numerous major events.
  • She’s good to work with and pleasant. 'Responsible' comes instantly to mind.

    I cannot recommend her highly enough for anyone who needs to have someone who understands the realities of the Canadian music business and who understands the value of good publicity and public relations.” - Richard Flohil, veteran music publicist/president at Richard Flohil & Assoiates, Toronto.


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